How do we create the best marketing campaigns in the industry? 

We have a passion that drives’us to capture the attention of your audience.
It's about the execution of a creative and innovative program.
We create programs that measure results in marketing spend.

You're here for a reason, so are we.
Our mission is to work with you to develop programs that
produce results that you can quantify.  

Promotional Marketing

Hill Creek Marketing was founded with the idea that
Marketing Can Be
Creative, Innovative
Revenue Generating.  
Your message should do more than just land on someone’s desk.  With a track record of proven results, we know that you can accomplish your goals. 

Creative marketing nets results. 
Skillful advertiser’s look for media with
High Reach and Recall
but Low Cost

per impression—
Promotional Products
measure up!

Wathc this video and see statistically how well promotional products can help market business, thanks to a 2004 study by
L.J. Market Research.

 "Dan has provided me with advice on using promotional products that are aligned with my goals and represent my brand. "  Beau , Financial Consultant

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Hill Creek Marketing is
Your Hometown Promotional Products Provider!

  With over 1.3 million promotional products, it's hard
to keep track of new and innovative ideas.  That's why we are here.

We have a passion to work within the industry to find just the right fit for your program.  Promotional Products should be revenue producing and not just stuff
you give away in hope that someone will remember you.  

​Passion      Execution     Results

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"I highly recommend Dan
to any business who wants their promotional dollars to be spent effectively."

You already know marketing should do more than just land on some guy's desk.

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Creative Marketing 101

Revenue Producing Projects
  The incredible reach of promotional products has been documented in study after study.  From customer engagement to employee effectiveness, promotional products give us the biggest bang for our promotional dollar.  Impression per dollar spent is highest of any marketing avenues available to you. 
What would happen to your return on marketing dollars if you used promotional products strategically?  What would happen if you pinpointed the energy they create to your best targets?
All too often, people who sell products are happy to cash your check without ever thinking about ou and how it may impact 
your business. 
We’re different.  Yes, we sell promotional products.  We also work with you to develop how you are going to use the products to have the greatest return on your objective.  We use promotional products as a revenue generating program for your business. 
Support for an organization
any size!